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Gold Vision Confectionery Sdn Bhd
was established in 1999, with the first exclusive shop located at Persiaran Greenhill, Ipoh. Due to rapidly development, we have a few exclusive shops and 2 egg tart retail shop recurrently. Gold Vision always attaches great importance towards the level of quality and customer satisfaction. Therefore, implementation of centralize production as well as quality management system was up in 2005.

We have an estimated of 300,000 customers every month. On top of that, we have more than 60 staff with renewed vigor and enthusiasm in order to fulfill the needs and satisfaction of discerning customers. Our wide range of products, up to 300 selection of customer convenience. Besides, we also formulated variety of seasonal products such as Christmas hampers and etc.

With the expertise of our masters who have than 20 years of experiences in this industry, we will be able to meet the rapidly growing demands of today’s customers. Gold Vision has developed good quality and more variety in its product range. Our mission in to expend our services to business centers, housing estates and entertainment regions.

Franchise operation is one of one of our strategies to fulfill in developing more innovative and creative products to satisfy customer’s needs. We will always keep pace from times to times take on new ideas and intend to become the leading confectioner in the near future.

金永思蛋糕西饼食品有限公司成立于1999,首间店是为于霹雳州怡保青山道。由于本着 专注于高效率的行政管理与及洞悉客户的需求和口味,迅速的在怡保市内 连开数间专属本身蛋糕西饼食品店。

每月估计达到300,000客户是我们营业的目标。在顶峰时期,我们更有超过60名充 满干劲和热诚的员工为我们分析或了解客户的需求,同时我们也推出多达 300种不同款式的西饼蛋糕以让客户选择。

此外,为顺应市场多变的趋势,我们聘请逾20年经验的蛋糕师傅来扩大并迎合市场的步 伐,更诚意推出充满季节性的送礼佳品,列如:新年圣诞节礼蓝等。而我们 的使命更是要在各广场中心,区域住宅,系统性的设立属于我们蛋糕西饼好让消费者轻易品赏到我们美味爽口的食品。

以连锁性质来开拓市场是创新商业营运模式,并且不断烘制绝佳美味的食品是我们求进的策略,更希望在不久将来金永思蛋糕西饼 食品得以主导蛋糕西饼业的 风潮。